Urban Art Week 2019 at Neon Kunst
to Sep 8

Urban Art Week 2019 at Neon Kunst

NEON KUNST presentiert in einer Gruppenausstellung
das Czentrifuga Collective und befreundete Künstler_innen.

Ángeles Alarcón, Chuuu, Nr.3, Beat Gipp, Marco Krojak, Werner Kernebeck, Kurihara, Vasja Lebaric, Raving Mad Carlos, Oliver O. Rednitz, Jean Peut-être, Olivia Pils, SP 38, u.v.m.

Do. 05.09.2019 / ab 19 Uhr mit: Gogo Trash Performance und der live Band Das Frenk
Fr. 06.09.2019 / 14-18 Uhr
So. 08.09.2019 / 14-18 Uhr

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He(a)r(e) the attachment
to Jul 14

He(a)r(e) the attachment

The exhibition He(a)r(e) the attachment ist the collective outcome of the workshop Fine Arts II leaded by Khaled Barakeh and Cathrin Mayer, wich is part of the project Artist Training for Professionals. The unique concept of the exhibition reflects the operating structure of the collective wich was formed during the workshop, as well as the personal style of the group’s individual artists. Using sound and individually designed posters, He(a)r(e) the attachment challenges today’s contemporary notions of artistic production and exhibition making

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