Voice and Guitar (2019)

This work tells the exile story of Leonardo Calderón, through an audio piece, a poster and this webspace. Leonardo sings, plays guitar and, in between, tells a little of his story. Voice and Guitar is an encounter, where memory is reconstituted and shared.


The recording day

On Tuesday June 11 2019, we met with Feo at Rohkultur Studio / Czentrifuga, Berlin. The meeting was also attended by Marko, who captured the event with his camera, as well as Beat, who accompanied with music and also cooked a delicious dinner. I prepared Borgoña, a typical drink from Chile as well as making some music and the sound recording.

That was the first time that I heard the voice and guitar of Feo. I knew almost all of the songs, old songs said Feo. Thanks for the songs Feo and for your energy and for sharing your story.


Voice and Guitar (2019)
audio file, 00:06:09

Translation from Spanish to English of Voice and Guitar Intro…still in progress ;)

Leonardo (voice and guitar) :

“The history of exile is a very old story

that has taken place in many continents and countries of the world…

when you leave your original land to a foreign land,

it is always different for people.

In my case as a Chilean, going into exile because of a fascist dictatorship in the Chilean Pinochet government…

I live in Berlin since years, first in the Berlin of the German Democratic Republic…

And here there is a lot talk about integration ...

integration for me… I have a German wife and three children, mixed between Chileans and Germans…I think that is integration, and also two grandchildren, who were born in Berlin.

As I say, the integration issue is complicated…

exiles, refugees, expelled from their countries where they were born

but here we are, in different languages, with different cultures and religions pushing forward”

Song/ La vida sigue igual (the song belongs to Julio Iglesias)


More recordings…
Todos MAPU


Carabina 30-30…un Rakete?


La Carta de Violeta Parra

He is Leonardo, but he likes to be called  Feo

He is Leonardo, but he likes to be called Feo


The Voice and Guitar Poster, a bridge

This poster acts as a bridge between the audio piece and this website, which configured as an alphabet soup, provides important data to understand the history and context of the protagonist on the audio file.
At the same time, through the URL and a QR code on the poster, invites us to this website to complete the trilogy of Voice and Guitar.

Voice and Guitar (2019),  digital print on paper, 42x59,4 cm

Voice and Guitar (2019), digital print on paper, 42x59,4 cm

*MoRe WoRdS iN tHe AlPhAbEt SoUp…

FEO/ Leonardo’s nickname


QUECHUA/ South American language

ROH KULTUR STUDIO/ recording studio, where the audios for Voice and Guitar were produced

PIMIENTO/ Schinus molle, is an evergreen tree, native to the Andes.




ERDBEBEN/ earthquake in german

BORGOÑA/ typical drink in Chile (1lt red wine + 1/2kg strawberries + 1/2cup sugar + a little bit some liquor)

RDA/ acronyms in Spanish for German Democratic Republic

ATACAMA WÜSTE/ The Atacama Desert is one of the driest places in the world


VINO TINTO/ red wine

NI 1 MÁS/ Not one more (woman) dead!!!


KUPFER/ copper



SOL/ Sun

ART/ ?





CZ/ http://czentrifuga.poetaster.de/about



YAGÁN/ are one of the indigenous peoples of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. They have been there for more than 10,000 years



LOA/ name of a Chilean river




Voice and Guitar was conceived for the group exhibition HE(A)R(E) THE ATTACHMENT, at the UDK Rundgang, within the framework of the Artist Training for Professionals Project/ Fine Arts II


Special thanks to

Marko Krojac, Beat Gipp, Ignatz Bee, Coost Lardy Cake, Franz Thienel, Cathrin Mayer, Khaled Barakeh, Sinje Steinmann, Manuela Goschy, Artist Training Team and my colleagues of Fine Arts II

Fotos by Marko Krojac